Where to stay and to eat in Pszczyna, Poland

(Last Updated On: 1. March 2019)

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In Poland you will find an excellent hearty cuisine. In general, Polish people like to eat a lot of meat and meat products. One of the most popular export hits is the famous Polish sausage. For that reason, the food in the common hotels oder guest houses will usually be meat-based. Of course, there are also some dishes and food for vegetarians, especially in the cafes and restaurants that are operated by younger people. But my feeling is that it’s rather the exception than the rule. So, if you would like to go to Poland, keep this in mind. In this article I will tell you something about an accommodation in Pszczyna I stayed. Besides that, we will take a look at a restaurant where I had an excellent hearty meal and which I can recommend to you.

Where to stay in Pszczyna

I’ve been several times in Pszczyna and tried out a couple of accommodations. So I have an opportunity to compare, and although I prefer to stay in hotels, this time I have to say, that the best place to me was the B&B called Piano Nobile**. Not because this place itself was the best. It was rather a combination of several factors which led me to conclusion to recommend this accommodation to you, folks.

One decision to choose Piano Nobile was the fact that it is located directly at the market place which would be good for you. For here it is a very good starting point to discover Pszczyna and tourist attractions, like the Palace of Pszczyna. More about what to do in Pszczyna you can take from my according article.

The other decision to choose Piano Nobile was interior design of this B&B. It is modern but not shabby. On the contrary, I would say, it is elegant and modern at the same time, combined with a little bit of history in some areas. In my opinion, the interior designer did a good job here. Just check out the pics on the website of Piano Nobile, folks. Here you will find some information about the pricing and services of this B&B.

If this place doesn’t appeal to you, click here to choose another hotel or B&B**, folks.

One thing I missed at Piano Nobile, was a real cuisine. For at Piano Nobile you will find food you will usually get serverd in a cafè, like coffee, cake, sandwiches, pancakes, ice cream and so on. But to eat heartily, you will need to go to another place, which I would like to introduce in the next section.

Where to eat in Pszczyna

For hearty meals I recommend you to visit the restaurant, called “Frykówka“*. Officially, it’s an Italian restaurant. But they also serve polish dishes and if you visit Poland, why should you eat preferred Italian than Polish (or Silesian) food? If you like to eat soups, I can recommend you the typical polish soup called Żur [ˈʒur] or Żurek [ˈʒurɛk]. This soup is made of soured rye flour and meat, like smoked sausage. Traditionally, it will be served in a hollowed out bread and it is tasting very good, believe me.

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If you don’t like soups, I can recommend you to try the following dish from the menu: the “Devil’s food – beef tenderloin”. You will find it in the menu as “Diabelskie jadło – polędwica wołowa”. Just ask the waiter for this dish and he or she will show it to you in the menu card. This Devil’s food was one of my favorites there. It’s made of beef tenderloin which is served in a hot pan in a delicious hot dark gravy, boletus mushrooms, onions, Silesian breaded noodles and either sauerkraut or pickled gherkins. Every time I visit Pszczyna, I order this dish at least once.

You will find “Frykókwa” kitty-corner of Piano Nobile, at the other side of the market.

Okay, folks, thats it. I wish you a pleasant time and if you have been in Pszczyna too, please leave a comment to share you experience. Did you visit the restaurant or the B&B I mentioned above?

*I do not have any commercial agreements with the introduced accommodation or restaurant. My recommendation bases fully on my own experience for the sake of sharing of information.
**Affiliate link: when you click on this link, no additional costs would arise for you and the product or the service will not become more expensive. When you decide to buy the product or use the service, I’ll get a little benefit from the provider which I would reinvest to keep this blog alive.

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