How Did Wedding Photography Change During the Last 3 Decades?

(Last Updated On: 21. December 2022)

wedding photography, changes in wedding photography

Gone are the days of boring wedding photography characterized by mediocre quality films. Technology has played a role in changing the wedding photography industry, which accounts for 13% of the $79 billion industry. Today, photography is the fourth most expensive purchase item for wedding expenditure. Apart from changes in photography, there’s also wedding videography that has scaled heights to become what it is today. Here are a few undeniable changes that have occurred over the last three decades you will learn in this guest post, folks.

1. Replacement of Bulky Cameras 

Videographers today don’t have to use bulky camcorders to capture moments of your big day. They use small but advanced equipment that captures the footages in HD. Modern videography equipment is compact, allowing the photographer to move freely without interfering with the wedding event. 

In most festivities today, it’s almost impossible for guests to tell the photographer and videographer apart. 

2. Limited Use of Tripod

Your videographer will be free to move around to capture every little detail of your big day. Without having to use a tripod, they can shoot from a variety of angles. Many of them are today opting to use a monopod for stabilization while aiming for beautiful steady shots.

The good thing about the use of monopods is that the videographer can join you in your outdoor activities. 

3. You can Have More than One Cinematographer

In the past, it wasn’t common to have more than one photographer covering the whole event. The shots were limited as they could only be taken from one or two angles. Today, you can have all the best shots captured simultaneously.

The fact that you can hire more than one videographer lets you have multiple angles of all the big moments. This means that in the video, you’ll view yourself as you walk down the aisle and the reaction of your spouse as he waits for you. 

When all these shots are combined professionally, you’ll have a film that beautifully showcases your big day.

4. Use of a Combination of Equipment

As some equipment gets eliminated from wedding photography, others are finding their way into the industry. Among them is the slider. It’s excellent equipment for capturing panning shots at the wedding venue and throughout the photo session. 

With modern portable equipment, the videographer has more options for artistic shots. Besides the photographic shots, the video shots will make a great addition to your wedding memories. 

5. Several Options for the Final Product

wedding photography, changes in wedding photography

There’s a big difference between a wedding video from the ’80s and what there is today. Traditionally, you’d get long hours of drawn-out footage. Today, a trailer of 3-5 minutes is long enough to share a summary of your big day with friends and family. 

6. Wedding Apps Have Taken Precedence

There is no denying that wedding apps have changed the way couples plan for their big day. Couples are turning to these apps for wedding planning ideas and photography styles. Some of the specific activities completed on smartphones include researching and contacting wedding vendors. 

Through the apps, couples can get the best vendors by obtaining and managing vendor information. 

7. The Professionals Offer More than One Service

In the past, each vendor was ascribed to a specific task. Today, all that has changed, and couples aren’t leaving their big day to chance. They are now engaging wedding experts like Azazie wedding professionals in planning for a smooth ceremony. 

Fortunately, vendors are now doubling up as wedding coordinators. Couples can hire a wedding planner who also offers photography services. In other cases, a professional wedding coordinator will ensure all the other services are well delivered on your big day. 

This saves you the time and stress of moving around from one vendor to another. 

8.Color Choices

Couples didn’t have a variety of colors to choose from, but it’s because they didn’t have a choice.  Photographs were printed in black and white due to limitations in photography. Today, there’s so much color variety available. 

One of the factors that determine wedding colors and themes is the season. Most people consider summer to be the signature wedding season. However, more people are moving towards fall and autumn for a specific color effect. 

White, ivory, and turquoise are popular wedding gown colors. This tells you wedding photography and videography is more colorful than in the past. 

Take Away

Wedding planning is evolving, and so are the details that go into it. One of the aspects that have considerably changed is photography and videography. The way couples are choosing to have their memories captured is changing from what was there three decades ago. 

Among the aspects of photography that have changed are the use of color, equipment choice, and the variety of shots taken. It has also become more popular to hire wedding planners to double up as photography experts. 



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