Here you will find some additional pictures about my journey to Cuba. If you are interested in a purchase of some of these or other pictures, you can visit my stock images portfolio at Also, some of those photos you can download for free from my portfolio at In this case I would be delighted, if you give me some credit in form of a backlink on your website, by mentioning my name etc.


I didn’t do much of pictures in the town of Varadero. For felt every 30 seconds I was honked by taxi drivers or other cab drivers which made me aggressive. In retrospect I wished to be more steadfast… But here are some of the few pictures I made in Varadero.


Resort area of Varadero

Here are some few pictures frome the resort area of Varadero:


Varadero – Josone Park

Matanzas – Triolet Pharmacy – Museum

Havana – The Colon Cemetery

Other photos I made in Cuba


Snoopy Alien

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