Since the Panama Canal was built in 1914, Panama has become a central location for the international shipping, serving as a connection point between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean. In recent years, Panama also has become one of popular tourist destinations. But at this moment, this country is still a kind of insider tip and it is not overrun like other destinations, for example like Mexico or Peru. So if you want to make a trip to locations with only few tourists, Panama is a good spot for this. Of course, some places there visited more frequently than the others and you need to know, where to go there. I visited such a low frequented place and after that I spent some days in Panama City. So check out my articles about Panama and the San Blas Islands (Yandup) here below. Also, you will find here some information about the activities in Panama City and things you need to take into account if you don’t want to get ripped when your take a taxi / cab.

Shopping in Panama City


Things to do in Panama City

Driving taxi in Panama City

Photography and Travel in Panama – Activities at Yandup Lodge

Travel and Photography in Panama – Yandup Island

Travel and Photography in Panama – Arriving in Panama City

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