brandenbruger tor, germanyThe roots of German history and culture date back to the Germanic tribes, even before the influent times of the Holy Roman Empire. Since the first migrations of German tribes towards south in search for a better life, these people got their first contact with the Romans and since then the German tribes were mentioned in the history books. So the history of Germany and its foreunners is long and very diversified. Over time, Germania magna, as the Romans used to call this area, became influent, strong and wealthy. It even conquered the Holy Roman Empire and from this point it was known as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Nowadays, Germany is still one of the most influential European nations and one of the world’s main economic leaders. Known around the world for its precision engineering and quality products, it is equally admired by visitors. Visit this country, and it will surprise you with its many historical regions and local diversity.

Hiking up to Lake Schrecksee in southern Germany

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Germany’s Barbarossa Monument – an insider tip

Hiking to Neuschwanstein Castle and avoid the crowds

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