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(Last Updated On: 30. May 2020)

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There’s no shortage of talk about tourism in the state of New York. Primarily because of New York City, it’s a destination people look into from all over the world, and at this point there are virtually innumerable articles about what to do there. But what about New Jersey? New York’s neighbor to the south tends to attract far less attention, and understandably so. But through beautiful nature, revamped coastal cities, and unique beach areas, it’s quietly become a very attractive destination on the United States’ East Coast. If that sounds interesting to you, or if you’re curious about the area but would rather avoid the sprawl of New York City, read on for a few fun things to do in New Jersey.

Eat & Drink In Hoboken

We mentioned revamped cities, and Hoboken is certainly one of them. Located directly across from Manhattan on the Hudson River, it’s about as close to New York as you can get while still being in New Jersey, and it’s lately become quite a trendy spot. There’s a good mix of old and new in Hoboken these days, such that you can tell there are older neighborhoods and lifelong locals, but also brand new places to hang out – and to eat and drink!

The restaurant scene in Hoboken has a little bit of everything, from authentic deli sandwiches and lobster rolls, to international cuisine, to classy, sit-down pub and grills. It’s a fantastic city to hang out in for a few days, to enjoy the views, and have your fill of local food an drink.

Explore The Delaware River

Many people don’t even realize there’s a major river that winds through part of New Jersey, but that’s just the case! The Delaware River provides some of the most beautiful sights in the state, and is an ideal destination for those who want an outdoor element to their vacations. There are places to camp overnight, numerous hiking trails, and plenty of places to rent a kayak or canoe to actually get out on the water. And if you want to spend even more time around the Delaware, there are also some nearby wineries, where you can supplement your outdoor exploration with a bit of pure relaxation.

Enjoy Atlantic City

Atlantic City has a mixed reputation, and has certainly seen some economic struggles over the years. These days though, it’s a perfectly enjoyable place for anyone who’s looking for a beachside resort or some traditional casino activity. It’s actually the online casinos that have helped to bring some money back into the gaming economy in New Jersey. A prevalence of internet slot sites and newly legalized sports betting generate a great deal of revenue, and have helped to rebuild the state’s – and by extension Atlantic City’s – reputation.

This doesn’t directly affect the casino resorts themselves, but you can get the sense that some life has been breathed back into them. This makes Atlantic City a great place to hang out if you want a more indulgent getaway, full of gaming, luxury, and perhaps a few trips to the steakhouses or spas in the resorts.

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See The Red Bulls

New Jersey’s sports scene also gets overshadowed by New York, but the truth is a few of the teams labeled as being from New York are actually located in New Jersey! Among them is the city’s MLS team, the New York Red Bulls – one of the most well-known and long-established teams in American pro soccer. The Red Bulls’ home stadium, Red Bull Arena, is located in Harrison, New Jersey, and has a reputation for being one of the most fun places to watch soccer in the country. 

Ranked among the top 10 stadium experiences in the MLS in one fairly thorough article, it was essentially cited as having been a trendsetter for soccer-specific stadiums in the U.S. If the Red Bulls are home while you’re visiting, attending a match can be a blast.

Relax At Cape May

Cape May is a beloved seaside town on the Cape May Peninsula that’s been a popular getaway for the rich and famous since the 1700s. Naturally it’s developed quite a bit since then, but it’s still viewed as something of a high-end beach retreat. There’s an old-fashioned feel to the place in everything from the Victorian architecture of many of the vacation homes to the community vibe established between families who have been visiting for decades. Truth be told there’s a bit of exclusivity to it all, but that doesn’t make it any less lovely to visit.

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