Is There A Reorientation In The Semiconductor Industry?

Computer chips are an integral part of our everyday life and enable the use of modern, digital technologies. Since the chip shortage in 2021, the importance of them has come more into focus. Because production mainly takes place in Asia, many countries want to reduce this dependency and therefore, have agreed to invest heavily. Besides that, computer chips also make an important contribution to a country’s technological progress.

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Without Regulation, The Crypto World Is Like The Wild West

Crypto exchanges are companies that bring together supply and demand in one place. Although these companies are called exchanges, they are not subject to financial supervision. Hence, trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. is largely unregulated and often feels like the wild west. The question is, do we need a intensive regulation and what potential would there be for cryptocurrencies in this case?

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European Union Is Making Progress Towards The Digital Euro

The European Central Bank is working on an electronic version of the common currency. At the same time, the ECB assures that the cash is not at risk. It is not yet certain whether the digital euro will be introduced – but work on it is progressing. The decision should be made in autumn 2023. However, it will probably take until 2026 before citizens can spend the euro electronically.

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Smart Farming – Favored By Current Circumstances?

Providing everyone in this world with food is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Supply chain problems and the crisis in Ukraine have exacerbated the situation, and agricultural commodity prices increased significantly. To counteract this, agriculture must become more digital and therefore more efficient. The current situation could favor this development and give to smart farming new impulse.

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Is Move2Earn viable in the crypto market?

The crypto scene was opening new markets in 2022 and using GameFi to attract more people to Web 3.0. Move2Earn and other models offer users the opportunity to earn money with blockchain applications. With this approach, crypto companies would like to bring as many new users as possible to Web 3.0. But is Move2Earn viable and can it survive?

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