What is Lucky Block?

The new cryptocurrency Lucky Block (LBLOCK) aims to merge two of the biggest digital trends of recent years: cryptocurrencies and online gambling. But what exactly is this project about and how can you buy Lucky Block? In this article, you will get everything about the LBLOCK Coin and how to invest and trade in it. I will also deal with the question of how serious this project actually is.

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Let’s talk about Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

What is the difference between Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and a high-quality printed poster of the same size? Well, a large part of the 2.7 million visitors didn’t come to the Louvre in 2020 for a reprint, I guess. The original one hangs there, verified by trustworthy certificates of authenticity. In the digital world though, there has never been a counterpart for such verification before. Until the development of the blockchain, no technology was established that made digital goods unique. That changed with the establishment of a standard for so-called non-fungible tokens, NFT. The term stands for unique, non-replicable digital proofs of ownership (tokens) that represent the rights to a digital or physical asset or document. Many NFTs are based on Ethereum blockchain technology protocols, making them technically very similar to crypto assets.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: United States Steel

United States Steel is a steel producer and makes high value-added steel products, including its own XG3 advanced high-strength steel. It delivers to the automotive, construction, appliance, energy, containers, and packaging industries. U.S. Steel had beaten Q4 earnings on Jan. 27, which sent shares on a run to reclaim both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Since then, shares have notched six-straight weeks of strong gains. This is what I consider an invitation to give this stock a try and sell a put option.

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What is Max Pain?

Like the most concepts in trading, Max Pain is another “theory” or concept from the US related to trading with options. This theory is considered to be controversial and there is going a lot of discussion on about its usefulness and disutility. In this article I’ll explain you the idea behind this concept and I will also show you whether it’s worth for you to delve deeper into this topic or if it’s neglectable. So let’s start!

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Ford Motor Company

The year 2021 was a blockbuster year for Ford. Its stock has steadily topped 20-year-highs after doubling production capacity for its electric vehicle “F-150 Lightning” for the second time in four months. It seems that everybody wants this car which is good for Ford. Maybe that’s is the reason for the latest uptrend in the stock – the increasing confidence of investors. With the long signal which was generated a couple of days ago, we can now give this one a try and open a position by selling put options. Check it out, folks.

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