Today’s trade idea for option traders: United States Steel

My last trade on this company was in March 2022 which was a perfect one. During the bear market 2022 it was almost impossible to find good trade opportunities for options unless you would accept the stocks to get assigned. In 2023, the markets could recover and start a bull market. But in January 2023, it’s still not easy to find suitable trades for a good premium. But luckily, United States Steel is currently offering such a possibility. Hence, let’s check the facts!

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Metaverse – Between Gold Rush And Lack Of Interest

In my previous article about the metaverse, I gave you an insight and showed you the potential for investors. But technological revolutions are always a thing. At the beginning, apart from a few insiders, nobody believes in the success. But once a critical mass of users has been reached, the avalanche can no longer be stopped.

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Multichain As Natural Progress Of The Blockchain

If you were looking for investments among blockchains, maybe you’ve heard about the so-called multichain. It’s one of the most popular token projects because future of the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains will not be dominated by a single blockchain, but by a so-called multichain. But what is the benefit of the multichain, how does it work and which technologies are used in it?

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Protection Of Biodiversity For Sustainable Investments

Due to climate change, we have become accustomed to the concept of reducing our ecological footprint and the goal of net zero emissions. However, the biodiversity crisis is not yet a familiar term for many, although it is acutely endangered. With this, the long-term investment opportunities as well because it is the foundation of many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, this is still not recognized by the short-sighted and greedy actions of mankind. But protecting and restoring biodiversity creates opportunities!

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Often Overlooked – Industrials Stocks

The industrials sector is often overlooked by investors because it is rarely in the spotlight and in the headlines. But actually, it is incredibly diverse. You can find there mechanical engineering companies. But also logistics service providers, maintenance companies, arms companies, but also suppliers for other industries, such as construction companies. I will show you 5 companies from the industrials sector as a brief overview so that you can then take a closer look at them if you are convinced at first blush.

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