Three things to do in Wisconsin

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In some blogs I’ve seen tons of information about things to do in Wisconsin. But frankly, I didn’t have time to visit them all. And I doubt that there is someone else outside who has enough to time for all of these “attractions”. I’ve been for 8 days in Wisconsin and had time to visit just a couple of interesting things. Because for me, quality comes before quantity. If you have the same opinion, this article might be the one you are looking for. Here, you won’t find 100 things to do in Wisconsin but just a hand full of them. But the experience will be much intensive than if you would have visited 100 places to be within a brief time. So read on, folks.

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10 Things to do in Milwaukee

things to do in milwaukeeDuring my visit in Wisconsin I’ve seen a shirt with a slogan which was approximately like follows: “Wisconsin- the state of psychopaths and a good time”. Indeed, I had a good time there, but I asked myself: “What’s the deal with the psychopaths? And lived those guys in Milwaukee too? If you ask about it someone who lives in Milwaukee, you will indeed usually hear a name: Jeffrey Dahmer. But let’s talk not about psychopaths but about some places you should visit and about things to do in Milwaukee. I think, you will find here something for every taste because this city has a lot of things to do and to be visited. So read on, folks.

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Traveling by train in Germany

germany train, deutschebahn, bahn de, german railwaypassThe Germans have different opinions about the German railway company, called Deutsche Bahn [dɔʏtʃə ba:n]. A lot of them love to travel with the “Bahn”, how it is called in Germany. On the other hand, a lot of people  cursing it as unpunctual, as dirty, with bad service and with a fare system which nobody understands. But in defence of the Deutsche Bahn I need to say that the Germans tend to complain and to grumble often. That’s why we in Germany have a saying, that the Germans have a so-called “whining gene”. Besides that, opinions are very subjective. But when you consider it more objectively, you will find that to travel by train in Germany is not as bad as it’s been told. I’ve been traveling for a couple of years by train across Germany and had mostly good experiences. In this article you will finde some information about traveling by train in Germany.

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Six German folk festivals besides Oktoberfest

folk festival, oktoberfest, germanyThe Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest folk festival in Germany and it’s the most famous fair in the world. That’s why this folk festival goes beyond the borders of Germany. For instance, only in the United States there are several copies of the original German Oktoberfest taking place. Meanwhile, there is even in China an Oktoberfest in the city called Qingdao Allegedly, the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, called “Oktoberfest Zinzinnati” ist the best of all US copies. I’ve never been in Cincinnati and I cannot compare it with the German original. And if I even would have been in Cincinnati, I could not compare it because I never went to the German Oktoberfest although I live a stone’s throw away from Munich. The reason for that is, that to me as a German, Oktoberfest is nothing special because there a lot of folk festivals spreading across Germany. Actually, almost every German town and city has its own fair. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you some other famous folk festivals in Germany which are at least as good as Oktoberfest.

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Seven facts about the Mayan culture

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The culture of the ancient Maya is full of legends and fascinating facts. You will find their legacy sprawling across Mesoamerica consisting of pyramids, city ruins and ballcourts. And of course, there is their unique scripture which looks very exotic and enigmatic as well. If you thought, Ek Balam, Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Cobá and other discovered sites in Mexico, Guatemala or Belize are the only Mayan places, you will be wrong. In fact, there are a lot of Mayan pyramids and temple grounds still to be discovered. These ruins are all covered either by the thick jungle vegetation or earth so it’s difficult to find them. And with every new discovery the scientists find a new answer for all the big questions about this enigmatic civilization. If you are planning to visit some of the Mayan places, you maybe would like to know about the mystic Mayan culture. In this article I will show you some facts about it.

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