Old blog

Orginally, Snoopy Alien started as a blog about travel and photography. I still love to travel, and photography is still my hobby. But because of the Corona pandemic I could not travel anymore as often as I would like and I could not plan anymore. Any travel I would plan could be cancelled or restricted.

Therefore, in May 2020 I decided to put my project Snoopy Alien into the “on hold” mode for a couple of month and to transform it.

As a result, you now see two blogs on this website. The new one is about trading with options which is one of my passions (besides of traveling and photography). Trading with options opened for me a complete new world and enriched my life significally, not only in the financial way. Learning about the stock markets, the commodity markets, about trading and investing in general, I started to understand how the world “is ticking”. And that’s why I decided to share my experience with the other people to help them along of their financial journey of trading and investing. At least, I hope to be helpful for them. At least a bit…

But I also decided to keep the old blog alive because I worked very hard on creating content and it deserves to live on. Even though I don’t create new content about travel or photography anymore, the information in my blogposts is still valid and could provide you useful information, folks. For from time to time, I’m checking the old content and updating it when I see that there is something worth to be updated.

Snoopy Alien

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