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Hi, my name is Max and I live in Germany.

Originally, I started my project Snoopy Alien as a travel and photography blog because I love to travel and to explore new places as often as I can. Also, I like photography, Lightroom and Photoshop as well. If you ask me, it’s a perfect combination to transform the great memories and experiences into some visual that remains (forever if you will).

But due to COVID-19 pandemic I couldn’t travel anymore as often as I would like and I could not plan anymore. Any travel I was planning in advance could be cancelled or restricted.

Therefore, I decided to cease blogging about travel and photography. But this wouldn’t be the end of my project. For I worked very hard on creating quality content and Snoopy Alien deserves to live on. This was also the reason I decided to keep the content about travel and photography online which will exist as an off-topic. And who knows, maybe it will still provide you useful information, folks.

As I have another passion besides travel and photography which is the trading and investing, this was only logical to continue Snoopy Alien as blog about these topics.

At this moment, I am transforming this blog step by step, and as a first step of this transformation, I produced an online course on Udemy which is about how to profit from crashes in the stock markets which you can check by clicking here.

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Feel free to contact me directly by email. My address is tellit[at]snoopy-alien.com. But please, keep in mind that if you would like to contact me regarding a blog post, it is generally preferable, you post a comment. This will ensure, the other visitors would be able to benefit from our discussion too.

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