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(Last Updated On: 5. September 2019)

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Searching for a place where to store luggage temporarily can be pretty frustrating and nerve-racking. For instance, when I was traveling to Panama, I was looking for luggage storage in Panama City. Unfortunatelly, it was pretty hard to find a place because I had to contact a lot of hotels. Sure, I could have left it at the Tocumen airport, but it wasn’t an option for me. Back at home, I was looking for a company offering exact this kind of service, and I don’t want to keep this information back as I’ve found one. The service I’m talking about is provided by a company called LuggageHero*, and this one will help you to solve a problem with your luggage, especially for short time storage. So read on, folks.

What is LuggageHero exactly?

Imagine this: you booked a flight to a country of your choice, but you arrived several hours before you can check in at your hotel or Aribnb. You could now explore some tourist attractions, but you would need to drag all your luggage with you.

Or imagine another situation: you had to check out in the morning, but your flight goes at the evening, and you hotel does not storage luggage (like in my case in Panama City). Or it’s just too far away to return back just to pick up your suit cases.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Luckily, LuggageHero closes this gap in the market and offers a solution for this problem. With its short-term luggage network, this company is a leading provider in 30 major cities in Europe and North America and will expand further in 2020. The mission of this company is to be a number one marketplace for on-demand short term storage worldwide.

The luggage storage partners of LuggageHero are reliable locations which can be a hotel, a café, or a local shop.

Your benefits becoming a part of LuggageHero

  • Just 1,- EUR / 1 USD / 1 Brit. Pound per hour (+ 2,- EUR / 2 USD / 2 Brit. Pound administrative charge)
  • Additional benefit for my readers: use a coupon code to get 2 hours for free. You will find the code in the section “How does it work”
  • Max. 8,- EUR / 8 USD / 8 Brit. Pound per day
  • Free cancellation
  • Available 24/7
  • Premium support
  • Luggage insurance is included: up to 3000 US Dollar (apprx. 2500,- EUR / 2700 Brit. Pound)
  • All sizes of luggage are accepted
  • Safety: each location goes through a manual certification process


For whom is LuggageHero recommended?

For all people with long layovers, late check-in times or early check-out times. Also for such groups like musicians with a bunch of equipment, athletes with heavy or bulky sport gear, sports / music fans who don’t want to drag all of their supporting collection. And of course, for everyone I didn’t mention but needs this kind of luggage storage service!

How does it work?

1) Go to the website of LuggageHero and sign in with your e-mail (or connect with Facebook / Google)

2) Select one of the available cities, the date of storage, and the number of the bags / suit cases

3) Check the locations on the map shown to you after you’ve selected a city

4) Click on the location of your choice and book the service*. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code 2HFREE. The directions will be sent to you by e-mail or SMS (if chosen). But they are also available on your booking page

5) When you arrived at the storage location, start the timer by using the link in your confirmation e-mail (or SMS)

6) At the storage location, you will get a security seal you need to attach through the zippers of your bag / suit case. The security seal will insure your luggage

7) Make a picture of your sealed bag which would be your receipt for delivered luggage

8) Have fun in the city

9) Go back to the storage location, access your booking and stop the timer. The payment will be proceeded online. The timer will ensure that you pay only for the hours spent on storage.

10) Show the receipt on location to get your luggage back

That was easy, wasn’t it? I think, with LuggageHero you will have much less troubles finding a storage place for your luggage, and wish you a pleasant journey.


*Affiliate link: when you click on this link, no additional costs would arise for you and the product or the service will not become more expensive. When you decide to buy the product or use the service, I’ll get a little benefit from the provider which I would reinvest to keep this blog alive.

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