Learning Photography

If you are a beginner; I assume that your most important question is: Where and how to start to learn photography? I mean, at first blush there are so much things to learn about. Maybe you already have heard about such things like photographical view, aperture, bokeh, depth of field, the rule of thirds and so on. But the most of these terms were meaningless to you? Don’t worry, I can tell you that I’ve also been in this situation. For that reason I created a learning section on Snoopy Alien to help you to start. But I strongly recommend you to consider the information you will find here just as a initial ignition. To become at least an advanced photographer; you need to read some good books and do a lot of practice. Don’t worry about the books – on Snoopy Alien you will find some literature recommendations which will help you along on your exciting journey. I set up two main sections on Snoopy Alien: for beginners and some advanced information.


Photography Basics                                                                Advanced Photography

Seeing Photographically                                                               Coming soon

           The rule of thirds                                                                Coming soon          

                                Ignoring the rule of thirds                                                                 Coming soon                              

   The sky matters a lot                                                                Coming soon

                                                    Geometric shapes                                                                Coming soon                                                 

                                                    Shutter speed                                                                Coming soon                                                 


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