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Stock photos are a great opportunity for sellers and buyers as well. As a seller you can sell the photos and gain, if not a main income, at least a nice extra cash. As a buyer on the other side, you can buy photos for an acceptable price, and you don’t need to struggle around with issues such as licenses, permissions, etc.

In this gallery you will find a brief overview of my commercial stock photos you can purchase either at Shutterstock* or Dreamstime*. To see all of my stock photos, please visit my Shutterstock-Portfolio* or my Dreamstime-Portfolio*. Of course, you can purchase therer not only my pics, but you can choose from millions of other professional stock pictures.

Would you rather sell stock photos than purchase them? In this case, please check my article about selling stock photos.

Food stock photos and food ingredients

Refer to Dreamstime or to Shutterstock

Landscape photography and nature stock photos

Refer to Dreamstime or to Shutterstock

Textures and backgrounds

Refer to Dreamstime or to Shutterstock

Travel stock pictures

Refer to Dreamstime or to Shutterstock


Refer to Dreamstime or to Shutterstock

*Affiliate link: If you click on the link, no costs will arise for you. If you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small benefit from the supplier which I would reinvest, to keep this blog alive.

Stock Images

Snoopy Alien

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