Essential checklist for musicians packing for travel – a guest post

Essential checklist for Musicians packing for travel, backpack for musicians

(Last Updated On: 1. July 2022)

In this fast-moving world where traveling is an essential part of self-growth and development, some of us are crazy to travel with our music accessories. Sometimes, we land up packing so many items that when we reach our destination, we realize that the ones we require are left-back, and non-essentials are stuffed badly! We then regret and curse ourselves for being so stupid and may even land up ruining the whole trip! Actually, without music, life wouldn’t be colorful, full of excitement, and full of opportunities too! It has provided humans a sense of peace, love, and stability within themselves. It has also played a key role in maintaining harmony and brotherhood among nations (if we speak the world as a whole). Music has a universal appeal, and together, let us make this, more comfortable, loving, but less confusing!

Rather regret and feel bad for yourself; the following will be the tips that will help you a lot. Moreover, we are highly interested in not wasting your time, energy, and money on something you do not need at all. There have been instances when many musicians had to face rough challenges and bad attitude… but we can’t allow you to go through the same.

So, Top 5 essential points to be noted:

1. Pack and protect wisely:

One of the crucial things for musicians is their musical instruments.

You can play the guitar like a pro; however, if you don’t have a decent way to protect it, you will not be able to play anything at all!

While you’re on tour, things can get topsy-turvy. That’s why you should consider protecting your guitar a priority rather than non-essential clothes and other less required stuff. The best would be to carry a travel guitar.

2. Packing an External Battery

While you’re on tour, you won’t be able to charge your battery whenever you need it, and your phone or tablet battery won’t last forever.

Many musicians keep essential items on their mobile devices, so it’s highly necessary to have a charger.

You will be able to charge your devices and have them ready to find your hotel or text your family if you have a power bank.

3. 24 Hour Fitness Membership

You should know that showers are few and far if you’ve ever been on tour before, & the food options aren’t usually the best.

Both of these problems get solved at the same time when you have a membership at 24 Hour Fitness (while also gives you a better alternative to park your vehicle at Wal-Mart every night because that’s what I paid for)!

If you are a fitness freak, daily exercise will put everyone on the right side, and you will be able to run profusely without any tension. Also, you can run like hell if a street dog is coming to get you.

Also, it does not cost much, so why don’t you take a try!

4. Air Mattress

Despite relying upon the strangers for your comfort, you should carry one air mattress with you.

From concrete to carpet, from park benches to memory foam to even hardwood flooring, we’ve slept on all unimaginable places you can think of!

So, we believe you should never compromise with your sleep.

By buying a mattress that is comfortable and fits your budget, it also deflates quickly and does not take an ample space.

5. Positivity and Confidence

Let people of the city get aware of you. Carry a decent smile, be grateful to the strangers, and always be thankful to the people who either took you along or recommended you about it.

So, have it!

For every traveling musician, following are the most important items one should have with him while traveling abroad:

  • Extra strings.
  • Cleaner of the fret.
  • A decent number of Picks.
  • Strings oil & softener to always keep your guitar feeling smooth, soft, and responsive.
  • String Cutter/Winder.
  • Foot Tambourine & Small Egg Shakers.
  • Strap.
  • Pens/Pencils & Notepad– Will be better for writing down song lyrics, set tabs, or lists depending upon your choice.

We would now recommend the following setup for a musician’s world travel packing list if you want to record and upload music videos:

  • Small Recorder that can easily be maintained by hand.
  • 1-3 Small Tripods.
  • High Definition(HD) Camera of Better Quality- Have two, if possible.
  • Wind Muff will be a better choice for a high-quality muff rather than an old foam “windscreen” for the selection of an audio recorder.

Bonus point: – Ukulele, harmonicas, melodicas, and egg shakers are also the best instrument to be taken along if you don’t want to take a guitar with you!


1. Get a copy of everything:

Always keep a copy of passport, license, along with hotel and venue names and addresses, itinerary, flight numbers, essential contacts, and total items of items you are carrying.


It will save you time and strength even if your original things get stolen or lost.

Bonus Point 1:

Keep a fanny bag or a small carry bag with yourself so that all the essential copies can be stuffed in it instead of keeping it on your main travel bag, which can create more problems for you.

Bonus Point 2:

Take photos of every piece of gear & luggage.

 Even if your bags aren’t lost on the way, there’s the chance of someone grabbing your luggage by mistake because many suitcases look the same or similar in the baggage area.

Photos will be a significant aid in reclaiming it if your stuff goes missing.

The photograph should have the brand names of the contents, the luggage.

If possible, make sure any serial numbers on packed gear must also get included.

2. Sunglasses and Clothes:

How can someone forget about the sunglasses?

Shades/sunglasses are an essential part of our travel. When you are on a solo road trip or even a group road trip, having shades as the best travel companion is above everything!

Above all, it protects your eyes, and you definitely wouldn’t trouble for your eyes while travelling.

It makes you look fresh and will suit your personality!

Pictures without sunglasses during sunrise and sunset along with your instrument will be the biggest blunder!

3. When it comes to clothes, let us take a look:

A decent backpack for musicians, e.g. the Thule Crossover Backpack*, few warm clothes (in case, the weather takes an adverse turn), and

Two pairs of shoes: – Without them, you can’t even think of traveling. Shoes play a crucial role in boosting your personality. Imagine how smart and classy you would look while walking down the lane, carrying the best instrument, and decent shoes.

It will boost your confidence and will cherish you in multiple ways.

Inner wears: – Things that can’t be left back are these. One should have two pairs of them in case you want to swim, play, and do adventure sports into the water.

Pants: – Along with a decent number of shirts, pants play a crucial role in enhancing your personality. Even a limited number of pants may do wonder if you have fresh t-shirts, full sleeve shirts, etc., with it.

That being said, but is it all? Not!

4. Deodorant:

It will help you in many ways.

While you are traveling, just spray a little, and it will do wonders as it will keep your smell away from the people traveling along with you. Second, when you are walking into a restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner, do you want to look bad? NO! In this case, you should choose aluminum free deodorants* for the sake of health.

Singing in a public place and imagine being smelly! You don’t want to take that risk, so carry one.

5. Brush:

It should always be on your travel list.

When you have landed in your destination and haven’t figured out the places around, you don’t want to waste your time on a toothbrush. So, kindly carry.

Imagine yourself singing with a bad smell! Mouthwash should also be with you.

6. Laptop:

Want to record dearly? No space left on the phone?

Carry a light, flexible and free storage gadget which will, in case your phone gets stolen or broken down, will keep all the memories of your singing, playing, dancing, etc. safely and securely.

Along with headphones, it is best to record, edit, delete, and insert anything without any problems.

7. Hairdryer:

Imagine you are already getting late for excellent performance in a nearby area and you haven’t taken a bath. So, what now? You will run into the bathroom and want to dry your hair, but suddenly, the unexpected happens…you have forgotten that at home at the cost of extra clothes!

So, instead of cut a sorry figure, make sure you carry it.

8. Camera:

To rule your family circle, a decent camera like DSLR is a must. Could you even imagine travelling without it? Can you even dare? NO!

Your instrument will be of little use if the camera isn’t there. The camera is a lifeline to travel within or outside the country.

So, never forget the guy who will capture every glimpse of your joy!

Other most essential necessary items are:

Charger and Wi-Fi hotspot which are most convenient enough to take along.

Headphones, soaps, hand sanitizer, masks, extra pair of glasses, and few essential medicines are items that can’t be left behind too! If you are on a solo trip, Sleeping bags and earphones are a must for you.

Don’t just pack non-essential clothes, which will later create problems for you. Try to blend your fashion with a limited, decent number of clothes you have.

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