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Modified rules for visiting Machu Picchu

If you are planning to hike to Machu Picchu or just visit this great place by taking a train, you should be familiar with the new rules Peru’s Minister of Culture issued. Some of them went already into effect in July 2017. From the January 1, 2019, the regulation about visiting Machu Picchu was modified. To be exactly, it’s about the resolution No. 216-2018 of the Ministry of Culture and its “Regulation of sustainable use and tourist visit for the conservation of the Llaqta or Inca city of Machu Picchu”. However, I don’t want to bore you with all of the article numbers were modified. Instead, I’d like to show you the modified regulations themselves so you can keep them in mind when you visit Machu Picchu.

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 7: Machu Picchu – a citadel that never was lost

This is the seventh and the last part of my diary about my journey to Peru and the Salkantay Trek. Click here to read the sixth part, folks. As we approached at the bus station this morning at approximately 5 a.m., we assumed to be the first ones. But not a chance! We saw there about 100 people standing in line and waiting for the busses. Our consideration, arriving at 4:45 a.m. would have been too early, and Ramiro would exaggerate. But it turned out he was right so we worried now to miss the first bus and arrive at Machu Picchu at a time where it would be too crowded…

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 6: A rude awakening or the fourth day of the trek

  This is the sixth part of my diary and the fourth day of the Salkantay Trek, folks. To read the fifth part, please click here. Our destination Machu Picchu is getting closer, and I am looking forward for this fourth trekking day. Yesterday, after several hours of hiking, we drove the second part of the day by bus to our night camp which is located in Santa Teresa and visited the hot springs. Today we will walk to the place called Aguas Calientes and have to send our luggage via train to Aguas Calientes. So read on, folks.

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 5: Santa Teresa and hot springs

  This is the fifth part of my Salkantay Trek, folks. To read the fourth part, please click here. Today we will leave Chaullay, and this will be the third hiking day of the Salkantay Trek towards Machu Picchu. The last two days were quite challenging, and especially the yesterday’s descent which lasted about 6 hours, left its marks. I don’t know how the other ones feel but by waking up I felt a pretty intensive muscle ache in my legs. So hiking sticks* are very advisable for those trips, folks. At least to mitigate sore muscles.

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 4: Anyay Salkantay or the second day of the trek

This is the fourth part of my Salkantay Trek in Peru towards Machu Picchu. To read the third part, please click here. We are still in Soray Pampa and about to walk the second section towards the mighty Mount Salkantay. Today, we will reach the highest peak of the whole trek which is located about 4600 m (appr. 15000 ft) above the sea level. So read on folks and gather useful information in case you would like to do the same Machu Picchu hike.

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