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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Axalta Coating Systems (trade closed)

It’s not the best known stock held by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Axalta Coating Systems operates in two segments – performance coatings and transportation coatings. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a dramatic slump in industrial activity. Hence, sales alone in Axalta’s performance coatings declined 36% in the second quarter. However, the good news is that its markets seem to be recovering. CEO Michael McGarry referred to “strengthening demand for our automotive original equipment manufacturer and general industrial coatings.” The stock is up more than 55% in the last six months, and the recent Q3 2020 earnings showed a company in recovery mode. This gives us an opportunity for another trade idea to collect option premium which I will show you in this article, folks.  

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: MGM Resorts International (trade closed)

MGM Resorts was another victim of the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown (like the most casino stocks). And with its most important areas like Las Vegas, Macao, etc., casinos seem now to have a long way to to reach the profit levels before the pandemic. But since the positive news from Pfizer and Germany’s Biontech, casino stocks are beginning to recover.  Also, The American Gaming Association points out in its Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker for Q3 2020, that the gambling industry is recovering better than assumed. At least, the sports betting and iGaming are chipping in to mitigate the losses from table gambling. Maybe this recovery phase ist just a brief one as new lockdowns are possible again. But for option traders, there opens an short term opportunity for an option trade on MGM. 

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Sinclair Broadcast Group (trade closed)

During the Corona crash in March – April 2020 the stock of Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI) fell from $30 to around $12. After the two-months-recovery the stock began to move sideways and is swinging around the level of $20. In spite of the negative earnings announcement in Q3 2020 (an operating loss of $4.18 B) there nevertheless comes a certain momentum upwards which gives to option traders an opportunity for a new trade on Sinclair Broadcast Group. So let’s dive into it, folks.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Tupperware (trade closed)

With around $97 Tupperware reached in December 2013 its peak before its share prices started to decline mirroring the company’s problems. The drop in Tuppware’s price continued until March 2020 and with a low of just $1.20, it seemed that Tupperware would become to a penny stock and to a candidate for gamblers. This makes this company seeming all the more impressive to report back as a turnaround. At least, the last earnings announcements were positive. If this turnaround will succeed, we will see in the future. At least this stock continues to climb against all odds. But for now, the share price is giving an opportunity for an options trade I’d like to introduce to you, folks.

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