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Today’s trade idea for option traders: The Chemours Corp (trade closed)

After the Q4 2020 beat, Chemours jumped higher. CEO Mark Vergano: “Our COVID-19 response plan enabled Chemours to deliver robust Free Cash Flow as we prioritized cash and liquidity in a challenging demand environment. As the recovery gained momentum, we were ready to safely serve our customers and delivered fourth quarter sales performance nearly equal to pre-pandemic levels.” Good for us, the options traders. So let’s check this opportunity, folks.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Vuzix Corp (trade closed)

Vuzix Smart Glasses is a producer of augmented-reality (AR) glasses to free the people hands and increase productivity of maintenance technicians. Former generations of AR glasses, like Google’s, had largely failed with private consumers, but manufacturers have found new use cases in industrial and enterprise markets. Sales of Vuzix Smart Glasses jumped by 156% in the third quarter and Cathy Wood’s team from ARK Invest bought recently a stake in this company. So fundamentally, Vuzix seems to gain a foothold in the markets. From the trading perspective, there is an opportunity for option traders to try this one.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: HP Inc. (trade closed)

Who doesn’t know HP? Originally, one of the early Silicon Valley stocks, the shares of this company continue to underperform the overall technology sector. Although company’s approx. 3% dividend yield is enticing, long-term investors should understand the risks before buying shares of HP. For the glorious growing days of this original tech company actually are gone, at least at the moment. Results of efforts to establish a profitable 3D printing branch are not to be expected soon. But as options traders are usually short-term oriented, there is gathering a momentum in this stock which provides a trade opportunity on HP. So read on, folks.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Virtu Financial Inc. (trade closed)

Virtu Financial is one of the leading high-frequency trading companies. Also, it’s one of the biggest market makers and provides liquidity to the financial markets. Making the best money in high volatility environment, Virtu’s stock was swinging sideways since the Corona crash but was beating the earnings estimations of professionals in Q3 2020. Although an analyst of Morgan Stanley downgraded Virtu to underweight on 11th January, option traders might to get an trading opportunity. So let’s check it out.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Workhorse Group Inc. (trade closed)

With the hype for regenerative energies and electric vehicles, Workhorse was one of the profiteers of the rally in this sector. In December 2020, the stock plunged about 22%. The reason for this was that the U.S. Postal Service announced it’s delaying a decision on who will get a contract to build next-generation trucks worth $6 billion for its fleet. On 4th January, on the other hand, Workhorse announced that it had received an order for 6,320 C-Series electric delivery vehicles from Pride Group Enterprises, a Canadian and U.S. based company with businesses in transportation for the last mile. So in a short term perspective, there is an opportunity for an options trade. Let’s check this out, folks.

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