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Today’s trade idea for option traders: United States Steel

My last trade on this company was in March 2022 which was a perfect one. During the bear market 2022 it was almost impossible to find good trade opportunities for options unless you would accept the stocks to get assigned. In 2023, the markets could recover and start a bull market. But in January 2023, it’s still not easy to find suitable trades for a good premium. But luckily, United States Steel is currently offering such a possibility. Hence, let’s check the facts!

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Guess? Inc.

In the recent letter to its shareholders, Guess? is planning to highlight some some topics like its successful transformation strategy, improved and financial results, and so on. In total, Guess? seems to be a good example of a successful business transformation. And yes, the accusations against co-founder Paul Marciano will probably have a discounting effect on the market value of the shares. But as option trader as usually short-term oriented and at this moment we see a drive in price increases, we could take this chance on another options trade. So let’s check it out!

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: United States Steel (trade closed)

United States Steel is a steel producer and makes high value-added steel products, including its own XG3 advanced high-strength steel. It delivers to the automotive, construction, appliance, energy, containers, and packaging industries. U.S. Steel had beaten Q4 earnings on Jan. 27, which sent shares on a run to reclaim both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Since then, shares have notched six-straight weeks of strong gains. This is what I consider an invitation to give this stock a try and sell a put option.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Ford Motor Company

The year 2021 was a blockbuster year for Ford. Its stock has steadily topped 20-year-highs after doubling production capacity for its electric vehicle “F-150 Lightning” for the second time in four months. It seems that everybody wants this car which is good for Ford. Maybe that’s is the reason for the latest uptrend in the stock – the increasing confidence of investors. With the long signal which was generated a couple of days ago, we can now give this one a try and open a position by selling put options. Check it out, folks.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: Sprout Farmers Market (trade closed)

Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) had a solid Q4 and performed better than the S&P500. This could for sure be achieved by strong growth in annual earnings. In 2022, the company is planning to open 25 – 30 new stores, and for 2023 SFM is confident to push unit growth to double-digit levels. In total, this company is generating revenues and expects to do so also in the year 2022. These news seem to push the stock’s price higher and to cross the resistance level of around $29.38. Good fundamentals or not – the point is, there is a long signal for SFM which is calling us to action. So check it out, folks. 

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