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Canon macro ring flash MR-14EX II – product review

  Macro photography is a great possibility to express your creativity and it’s a lot of fun e.g. shooting flowers and plants. But also in macro photography you will have situations where you won’t have enough light so set a shutter speed fast enough to make photos hand held. Of course, a tripod would be helpful. But what if the subject itself is moving, e. g. an insect or a flower swaying in the wind? In this case, a tripod would be useless. A speedlite is surely the suitable solution. But a normal flash is useless in macro photography because it sits on the top your DSLR. One solution could be to fire the flash remotely. Another one is to use a ring flash which would probably bring the most value. Therefore, I’d like to introduce in this article the Canon ring flash Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II*. So read on, folks.   The design of the Canon ring flash In contrast to normal external flashes which consisting as a single part, the ring flash consists of two parts. The first part is the control unit which you put on the top of the camera by sliding it into the flash hot shoe, and fixing it with a lever. The second part is the flash unit which you need to clip onto the end of the macro lens (or any other lens). Some lenses (like Canon’s 100mm Macro Lens* or the 180mm lens) require adapters, because the lenses have…

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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens Review

Macro and close-up photography is a great discipline to open to you a complete new perspective. Using a proper macro lens, you would have a lot of fun by getting a lot of new possibilities to develop your creativity. But what is a proper macro lens? There are a lot of photo equipment manufacturers out there, and of course, everyone of them extolling their lenses as the best ones. There are surely several very good macro lenses available. But if you new to macro photography, you need an advise, which lens to buy, right? Therefore, I would like to give you a product review about the Canon EF 100mm macro lens. Not because I think, it’s the best lens in the world but because I am using a Canon DSLR in combination with this lens. Doing this I was impressed by the quality and the features of this macro lens. So read on, folks.

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How to take stunning photographs of flowers and plants

Flowers are one of the most popular photography genres because they just have it all: texture, colours, shapes and some would even say, a personality. But not all flower photographs are made equally, and the question is: how to make outstanding flower images? There are general rules and guidelines how to do this. But on the other side, rules a good but not obligatory. In my opinion, it’s rather a combination of common rules and the photographers own experiences and influences as well. Therefore, in this article, I’ll show you how I do flower photography, and hope to give you a valuable information you can adopt to your own flower photography. So read on, folks.

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What is TTL in flash photography?

If you would like to shoot photos with a flash, you need to know your gear. Otherwise, it will happen that your pics look ugly and flat even with an expensive external flash. Luckily, there is a method beginners can use to train the skills in flash photography. This method is called TTL and in this blogpost I’ll give you some explanations about TTL. You will also get some information about the pros and the cons of TTL. In total, the whole topic TTL is about how much control of your camera you want, or how much control you want to give your device.

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How to sell stock photos

In some blogs and forums I often read, how easy and cool it is, to sell your own photos to earn some extra cash and generate passive income. Furthermore, some people write, they quitted their jobs and became full-time stock image sellers. The idea sounds great and if you like to photograph, why shouldn’t you earn some money with it? But if you ask me, all of these postings sound too good to be true. The fact is, that to sell stock photos is a hard work and you will succeed, if you are willing to invest a lot of time. In this article I would like to share my experience to show you, what you need to do to sell stock photos successfully.

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