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The Megatrend Sustainability – What Commodities Can Benefit From It?

The discussion about sustainability has arrived as a mega trend in the middle of society. One of the driving forces behind this is for sure the climate crisis. On the way to the desired climate neutrality, the decarbonisation of the economy is the mainstay. It affects a lot of commodities because with the restructuring of the economy, the demand for commodities will change massively. In this article I’d like to discuss about it and provide you an overview about the affected commodities (at least from my point of view).

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Let’s play: Full concentration on the gaming industry

The gaming industry was hit differently by the pandemic. While games on mobile devices experienced an increase, the semiconductor crisis is affecting consoles, among other things. Diving into virtual worlds and participating in competitive “games” provides entertainment for many people. The competitive aspect is also taken up as “e-sports”, with events in offline or online formats, offering a stage for the gamers. In addition to the actual video games, suitable hardware is also required. Besides that, streaming platforms enable everyone to broadcast their own gaming performance on the Internet. This dynamic market opens up an interesting investment opportunity for investors.

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Metaverse: the leap into the virtual world?

Have you always dreamed of being able to immerse yourself in a virtual world to meet your friends or the whole family, even though they are far away from you? Or attending a concert, shopping or gaming together? The metaverse – a virtual world on the internet – could make all of this possible in the near future. Various tech companies are working to make this vision a reality. So the question is: Does the metaverse have what it takes to become the “next big thing”?

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