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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 3: My new family Pachacutec or the first day of the trek

  This is the third part of my diary series when I was hiking to Machu Picchu. Click here to jump to the first part of the diary, folks. This part it about the first hiking day. If you are interested in walking this Trek, you should continue to read. For you could gain a lot of useful information for your own trip to Peru. We will begin with the moment when we got picked up in Cusco.

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 2: Acclimatization in Cusco

This is the second part of my diary series about my trekking trip when I was hiking to Machu Picchu. Click here to jump to the first part of the diary, folks. This part it about the second day in Cusco we spent to acclimatize ourselves for the trek. As I wrote in the travel guide about the Salkantay Trek, it is advisable to stay at least two days in Cusco to acclimatize a bit before you start with your trek. Of course, this applies to all trekking activities in the mountains with altitudes higher than 3000 m (9800 ft), not only to Salkantay Trek. But now, let’s continue with the diary.

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Salkantay Trek diary – Part 1: Viva el Peru

This is the first part of my diary series about my trekking trip to Peru when I was hiking to Machu Picchu along the Salkantay Trek. What will you get from reading this diary? Well, my former plan was just to publish the travel guide for the Salkantay Trek. But later I got clear, that publishing this hiking diary instead, could give you a deeper view about what you can expect from the whole trip. If you also would like to walk this trek and looking for a travel guide, please read my guest post on the website of Cory & G from But now, let’s start with the diary, at the point of arrival in Cusco…

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Hiking up to Lake Schrecksee in southern Germany

Lake Schrecksee [ʃrɛkse:] is the highest alpine lake, and it is located in southern Germany close to the Austrian border. The small islet in it makes it to a “trademark” of this place and the name Schrecksee means “fright lake” or “shock lake”. Where this place got its name from is not clear but in reality, Schrecksee is anything else but frightening. Thus, a hike to this lake was one of the greatest I can remember and I got a chance to make stunning photos there, folks. In this article, I’d like to give you some information how to get to the Schrecksee and hope, you’ll get the same wanderlust like me. So read on, folks.

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Hiking from Neuschwanstein Castle to Austria and back

In my article about hiking to Neuschwanstein Castle and avoid the crowds I showed you an alternative way to visit this stunning place. But as Neuschwanstein Castle is located in an area with a lot of possibilities for different kinds of activities, I’d like to show you some more things to do there, folks. For example, as Austria is a stone’s throw away from Neuschwanstein Castle, you could hike from that place to Austria and back on the same day. The only requirement is that you need to be an advanced hiker. What you will get, is an experience the most travellers and visitors of Neuschwanstein Castle won’t gain, believe me. So read on, folks and let yourself be inspired.

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