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Time for reflections and development

  [Sassy_Social_Share] Before I started Snoopy Alien, I traveled frequently and I had no intents to start a blog at all. But at a certain point I thought, why not? I mean, I had a lot of traveling experiences, and maybe there are people out there looking for information. After a concept phase and creating of the first content, I finally launched my blog. But having a 9/5 job, traveling, doing photography and creating a blog at the same time is more challenging than someone might think. At least, I noticed that it was a challenge for me to combine those factors like writing content after work, editing pictures, doing some backlink building and so on. During the warm seasons at the weekends I neither had much time as I was doing what I love to do – to grab my DSLR and to travel, to hike, to trek and to explore as often my time allowed it. Now, as the autumn is almost over and the winter time is approaching, it’s time for some reflections and to do some developments as well. For in my opinion, to travel excessively just for the sake of travel cannot be the target. The quality is the determinant factor, not the quantity. What does that mean for Snoopy Alien? Well, my photography section calls for more content, the website itself could get some improvements and I’d like to invest more time for Photoshop again. What does it mean for you, folks? This means,…

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Must haves for outdoor activities

Did you never have an outdoor experience, like hiking but you would like to do this? That’s great because outdoor activities are always something special. But what do you need to take with you? Maybe you would think, you need tons of items for an outdoor activity.  But actually there are just a few essential things you should to take with you. In this article I will show you some important things you should take with you on your next outdoor adventure. The information I give you is based on my own experiences I gathered during my hiking activities.  So read on, folks.

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What is an error fare and how to benefit from it?

An error fare is usually a glitch in the IT-systems (which are partially high automated) of travelling agencies or airlines. But sometimes there are mistakes made by humans too and they occur e.g. either by negligence or in stressful situations. These errors are leading to the fact that the regular price for the flight or the hotel is much cheaper as usual. Some people might think that in a world of computers and automatization mistakes would not happen. But the opposite is the fact and mistakes are inevitable even in a high-tech world. In this article I will show you how to find those error fares (for flights) and what are the risks for you in this special case.

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Things to do in Naples, Italy

Due to problems with our flight, we spent two days at the airport and had just one day to do some things in Naples. In this article I will show you three places we visited and which were really interesting. So, consider this article as an suggestion. I hope, you will be impressed by those places as we have been. So, read on, folks.

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Things to do in Havana

As we drove to Havana from Varadero with our rental car, we saw a lot of people hitchhiking between Varadero and Matanzas. Although the road signage into the direction of Havana was exceptionally good, we decided to take a passenger with us. Fortunately, the first person we asked, coincidentally wanted to go to Havana. It was a young lady of an age about 26 – 28 years. As the Cuban people speak a strong dialect, I had a lot of problems to understand them. Nevertheless, I tried to chat a little bit with the lady because I wanted to know some common things about Havana and especially about things to do in Havana. As I feared, I understood only a couple of sentences. But what I understood, was, as she said, that Havana is a nice place but for her it is nothing special and she goes there only, because she had to visit some relatives. With these thoughts we drove further, and I was curious about what was to come. In this article I would like to tell you about some things to do in Havana.

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