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Is The Bear Market Over?

I’m getting almost daily mails from people asking me whether the bear market is over. Well, I don’t have a crystal ball. But to address these questions, I’d like to step onto the thin ice of speculation as the people seem to be afraid to miss investment opportunities. At least, according to such mails, there is still a FOMO. And with this, from a psychological point of view, the bear market is not over yet. But let’s delve more objectively into this.

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What does cornering a market mean?

In the world of trading, there were several occasions of so-called cornering a market. This term means, in general, a situation where someone with a certain market or financial power is able to create an artificial shortage of whatever. In this article, we will take a closer look on the term cornering a market and also check some examples. So let’s start! Historical background The term cornering a market got publicly known back in the times in the late 19th century when the futures traders in Chicago were exploiting an advantage by creating an artificial shortage which was called “corners”. That’s where the term cornering a market comes from. How did they do this? Well, they used the anonymity of futures and bought as much of them as there was sufficient to be able to control the market. Usually, it were pretty often the wheat traders who made the term “cornering” infamous! As they bought, the sellers of the wheat futures were obligated to deliver. That’s how the idea of futures works. But there was, of course, a lot of speculation, also among the futures sellers. A certain amount of them sold more futures than they were able to deliver. Doing this, they were just speculating that the price of the futures would fall, and with that, they would buy their too many sold futures back for a lower price and thus, made an extra profit. And here was the catch: As one wheat trader, or sometimes a couple of…

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No new posts about travel or photography in the near future

Hi folks, as you might have noticed, I didn’t publish new posts since May 2020. The reason for this is, as you might think, the Corona pandemic. I cannot travel anymore as often as I would like and I cannot plan anymore. Any travel I’m planning in advance could be cancelled or restricted. Therefore, I decided to put my project Snoopy Alien into the “on hold” mode. But the Corona crisis is not the end of this website, not at all! In fact, I have some more ideas how to keep this project alive, and I’ll be back when the time is right. Until then, I’ll keep Snoopy Alien alive because I worked very hard on creating blogposts and it deserves to live on. See you, folks. Max

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What is the best olive oil in the world?

When you travel to countries like France, Greece, Spain or Italy, you might surely want to bring some souvenirs back home. Arrived there, you have a choice: to buy some useless dust catchers or something useful which you can really benefit from, like food stuff from the country you have visited. One of those useful things I always buy when I travel is olive oil. But it can be an inscrutable market out there, and you don’t want to bring some fake stuff with you, right? To avoid this, you might ask yourself what is the best olive oil in the world. Well, this is for sure very subjective but let’s consider it from a less strict point of view. In this article, I’ll give some tips about olive oil you can buy when you travel (or at least online after your journey). And who knows, maybe it will not be the best olive oil in the world for everyone but for you which is more important So read on, folks. Types of olive oil To answer the question what is the best olive oil in the world, we need to delve a bit into the types of olive oil first. There are two categories of them – refined olive oil and so-called cold pressed olive oil (also known as native olive oil) Refined olive oil Refined olive oil is extracted by adding of heat and chemicals to the pressing process. This method is used to extract more oil than…

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These facts about German carnival will broaden your horizon

In case you visit Germany* in January or February, you will probably often hear a word during this time which is “Fasching” [faʃiŋ]. Fasching is the main term for the German carnival period. It’s also called the “fifths season” and in some places jesting time (närrische Zeit). But it’s very different to the carnival you maybe know from Brazil. For in February in the northern hemisphere, it would be difficult to dance on the streets in light clothing. Therefore, the carnival time in Germany is about different things, but it’s also a huge event. In this article, I’d like to give you some insights about Fasching which would broaden your horizon. So read on, folks.

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