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Crypto Scams – Can Victims Get Their Crypto Back?

Scam and investment fraud with cryptocurrencies are booming. Although the cryptocurrency market has stalled in the first half of 2022, there has been a significant increase in criminal activity. A total of $2.98 billion in digital assets have been stolen as of October 31, 2022, according to blockchain security firm PeckShield. That is almost a doubling of the amount of damage within a year. In 2021, the recorded total of stolen cryptos was US$ 1.55 billion. But is it possible to get your crypto money back once you got a victim of crypto scams?

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Metaverse – Between Gold Rush And Lack Of Interest

In my previous article about the metaverse, I gave you an insight and showed you the potential for investors. But technological revolutions are always a thing. At the beginning, apart from a few insiders, nobody believes in the success. But once a critical mass of users has been reached, the avalanche can no longer be stopped.

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European Union Is Making Progress Towards The Digital Euro

The European Central Bank is working on an electronic version of the common currency. At the same time, the ECB assures that the cash is not at risk. It is not yet certain whether the digital euro will be introduced – but work on it is progressing. The decision should be made in autumn 2023. However, it will probably take until 2026 before citizens can spend the euro electronically.

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The Impact of Basel IV on Consumers and Investors

Good investing decisions require ample research and staying up-to-date with regulations. My previous post on “Investing in Commodity ETFs” highlights how certain investments may change with regional regulations. The European Union (EU) doesn’t allow pure commodity ETFs as all ETFs must include a minimum level of diversification. This is unlike the US, which allows pure commodity ETFs that are in direct relation with said commodity. Considering these stricter requirements in the EU, investors must take heed of other changes in the system.

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Cash Flow From Dividends Or Share Sales?

Recently, I got a question from one of my readers that I think is ideological one. The question was: What do you think about the statement that it makes no difference to receive dividends or to sell shares? Ultimately, it would lead to the same result.

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