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What is Lucky Block?

The new cryptocurrency Lucky Block (LBLOCK) aims to merge two of the biggest digital trends of recent years: cryptocurrencies and online gambling. But what exactly is this project about and how can you buy Lucky Block? In this article, you will get everything about the LBLOCK Coin and how to invest and trade in it. I will also deal with the question of how serious this project actually is.

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Let’s talk about Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

What is the difference between Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and a high-quality printed poster of the same size? Well, a large part of the 2.7 million visitors didn’t come to the Louvre in 2020 for a reprint, I guess. The original one hangs there, verified by trustworthy certificates of authenticity. In the digital world though, there has never been a counterpart for such verification before. Until the development of the blockchain, no technology was established that made digital goods unique. That changed with the establishment of a standard for so-called non-fungible tokens, NFT. The term stands for unique, non-replicable digital proofs of ownership (tokens) that represent the rights to a digital or physical asset or document. Many NFTs are based on Ethereum blockchain technology protocols, making them technically very similar to crypto assets.

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What is Elongate?

  It all began with a funny tweet of Elon Musk, asking the world that once there would be a scandal about him, people should call it Elongate. Obviously, some guys thought: Hey, why shouldn’t we create a new cryptocurrency and call it like this? But given the fact that there is already a pile of different cryptocurrencies out there since the triumphal march of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co, does the world really need another one? I started to dig deeper and after 2 hours spending on the website of the Elongate project, I must admit, this concept sounds actually pretty cool. That’s why I decided to support it and to provide to you a first overview about it, folks.

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