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What Is A Blockchain Oracle?

Operations performed on the blockchain, such as smart contracts, are automatically verified by the participants of the decentralized network within this blockchain. The benefit comes from trusting only the network and not individual third parties because that’s what blockchains were designed to do. Nevertheless, there are times when data from outside is needed to be provided by third parties. But blockchains themselves cannot access data outside their network. So how can real-world data get into the blockchain?

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Blockchain And Sustainability – Can It Work?

Basically, all blockchains got a negative image since the news that mining bitcoins consumes as much energy as a small country. Sure, it’s a fact that a Bitcoin transaction can power a household for more than 70 days in a row. But with the development of new cryptocurrencies and new consensus mechanisms, it was shown that not all blockchains are energy guzzlers. Because of that, can the use of blockchains fit into the concept of sustainability and with this, also have something positive?

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Multichain As Natural Progress Of The Blockchain

If you were looking for investments among blockchains, maybe you’ve heard about the so-called multichain. It’s one of the most popular token projects because future of the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains will not be dominated by a single blockchain, but by a so-called multichain. But what is the benefit of the multichain, how does it work and which technologies are used in it?

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Without Regulation, The Crypto World Is Like The Wild West

Crypto exchanges are companies that bring together supply and demand in one place. Although these companies are called exchanges, they are not subject to financial supervision. Hence, trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. is largely unregulated and often feels like the wild west. The question is, do we need a intensive regulation and what potential would there be for cryptocurrencies in this case?

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Is Move2Earn viable in the crypto market?

The crypto scene was opening new markets in 2022 and using GameFi to attract more people to Web 3.0. Move2Earn and other models offer users the opportunity to earn money with blockchain applications. With this approach, crypto companies would like to bring as many new users as possible to Web 3.0. But is Move2Earn viable and can it survive?

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