Month: May 2021

Today’s trade idea for option traders: Bed Bath and Beyond (trade closed)

I think, everyone knows this company. At least, in the United States. The struggling retailer has been shrinking its portfolio and restructuring the business due to crass operating results in both 2019 and 2018. The good news is that BBBY is emerging from the pandemic with improved sales although investors should still expect a couple of tough few years ahead. And as the indicators are showing an up move, it’s worthwhile to try an options trade on this stock. So let’s check it out, folks.

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Today’s trade idea for option traders: First Horizon Corp (trade closed)

It’s another bank, folks. Some shareholders may be concerned to see that the Director, Roger Taylor, recently sold $5.5m worth of stocks. But if insiders are selling that doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong. If you don’t believe me, a regular trading guy, maybe you would believe Peter Lynch where he describes this situation in his book “One up on Wall Street“*. Fundamentally, First Horizon has a good stand and a positive outlook, also due to merger with IBERIABANK. Anyway, as option traders, we always are looking for positive short-term opportunities. And the next one is right now. So check it out, folks.

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What is Day Trading and why is there so much interest lately?

In this new world we live in as it relates to the changes Covid-19 has caused, Day Trading is now more popular than ever. With the sudden loss, or even the threat of loss, of someone’s livelihood due to no fault of their own, people have begun looking for alternatives to the new risk involved with employment. Having a way to make a living from your kitchen table every day can be very appealing. Especially with the new realization that a job or business can be snatched away for you without any notice. It can be very empowering to be the master of your own destiny. Becoming a successful Day Trader really fits the bill for many people in this regard.

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