Expired: Boston to São Paulo for only $552 to visit the carnival!

(Last Updated On: 21. May 2019)

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Who said to fly to Brazil during the carnival is expensive? Look at these prices folks. Booking this flight, you would save about 50%!

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FROM: Boston (BOS)
TO: São Paulo (GRU)

PRICE: $552 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check it)

DISCOVERED AT: Skyscanner* (Klick on the link or on the screenshot to go to the search result)

DATES ELIGIBLE: Through February 2020. Please note:  the screenshot might contain dates which are just a sample so you need to amend it to your preferred date

AIRLINE(S): Operated by American Airlines

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Luggage fee is included.

*Affiliate link: when you click on this link, no additional costs would arise for you and the product or the service will not become more expensive. When you decide to buy the product or use the service, I’ll get a little benefit from the provider which I would reinvest to keep this blog alive.

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