Hiking up to Lake Schrecksee in southern Germany

(Last Updated On: 12. September 2020) Lake Schrecksee [ʃrɛkse:] is the highest alpine lake, and it is located in southern Germany close to the Austrian border. The small islet in it makes it to a “trademark” of this place and the name Schrecksee means “fright lake” or “shock lake”. Where this place got its name from is not clear but in reality, Schrecksee is anything else but frightening. Thus, a hike to this lake was one of the greatest I can remember and I got a chance to make stunning photos there, folks. In this article, I’d like to give you some information how to get to the Schrecksee and hope, you’ll get the same wanderlust like me. So read on, folks. Important information Before we go on, please note this important information: Schrecksee and everything surrounding it, is located in a nature conservation area. Thus, camping is strongly prohibited. But some unrespectful morons were ignoring this and were camping there, nevertheless. In some cases, even some fence posts of alpine farmers were stolen to make fire. This is not the way to treat that place! So this is my appeal to you, folks: don’t camp there! Respect nature and respect this place to keep it wonderful! This also means: no kites and no drones, please! Before we check the trail itself, I’d like to show you some photos of the Schrecksee and the vicinity: Hiking trail data Type: Mountain trail, there-and-back-hike Length (there and back): about 16 km (appr. … Continue reading Hiking up to Lake Schrecksee in southern Germany