Hiking from Neuschwanstein Castle to Austria and back

(Last Updated On: 21. October 2018) In my article about hiking to Neuschwanstein Castle and avoid the crowds I showed you an alternative way to visit this stunning place. But as Neuschwanstein Castle is located in an area with a lot of possibilities for different kinds of activities, I’d like to show you some more things to do there, folks. For example, as Austria is a stone’s throw away from Neuschwanstein Castle, you could hike from that place to Austria and back on the same day. The only requirement is that you need to be an advanced hiker. What you will get, is an experience the most travellers and visitors of Neuschwanstein Castle won’t gain, believe me. So read on, folks and let yourself be inspired. Hiking trail data Lets take a closer look onto the trail data, folks. First of all, take a look onto the map. Type: mountain hike, circular trail Length: about 21 km (appr. 13 miles). Level of difficulty: advanced to difficult. At least, a good endurance is strongly recommended Duration: 7 to 8 hours, depending on your pace Requirements: free from giddiness, hiking boots. If you have walking sticks, you should take’em with you, for the descent could be exhausting for your legs Best time: Mai to October (before the rainy time, because it makes the ground pretty slippery and too dangerous for a hike on this trail) Parking and starting point of the hike You might want to park at the parking lots close … Continue reading Hiking from Neuschwanstein Castle to Austria and back