Germany’s Partnach gorge – to be amazed

(Last Updated On: 30. September 2018) When you are planning to visit southern Germany, you should consider adding the famous Partnach gorge to your itinerary. In German this gorge is called “Partnachklamm” [partna:xklam] and in the year 2002 it was honored by the Bavarian environment agency. Since then it’s officially one of the most handsome gorges in Bavaria. But long before 2002, this place was not an insider tip anymore. I’ve been hiking for several times through the Partnach gorge and on my first visit it was clear, why this place is not an insider tip. It was too stunning here and this place had something magical to me. I hope, you would feel the same when you go there. In this article I’ll give you some interesting information about the Partnach gorge. So, read on, folks. The Partnach gorge – a brief overview This place was already frequently walked by the local Germans in the 19th century to gather firewood. But it was a dangerous place back that time and a lot of people perished there. Since 1912, the Partnach gorge was made accessible for tourists, and you can walk through this gorge without any worries. If you would like to see some pics from this place, check out my Germany gallery, folks. Data: Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (very close to this town), about 1 h 20 min from Munich by car (depending on traffic situation) Length of the Partnach gorge: about 699 m (appr. 2300 ft) Depth of the canyon … Continue reading Germany’s Partnach gorge – to be amazed