Germany’s Barbarossa Monument – an insider tip

(Last Updated On: 22. March 2019) The most people traveling to Germany usually look for well-known attractions like Neuschwanstein Castle, Oktoberfest, the Berlin Wall or the tavern Hofbräuhaus in Munich. The reason for that is that those points of interest are established attractions and they bring a bunch of money. In other words, they are beloved cash cows. For that reason, when you google for things to do in Germany, you usually would see them first in Google’s search results. But if you would like to visit not only the established points of interest, you will be very surprised how much other attractions you would find in Germany. You just need to know where they are. Thus, in this article I will show you one of those things to do in Germany you usually won’t find on the internet unless you know about it. I am speaking about a impressive memorial called Barbarossa Monument. So read on, folks. What is the Barbarossa Monument and to whom is it dedicated? This monument is the third largest monument in Germany, and it was erected between the years 1890 and 1896. Its actual name is “Kyffhäuser Monument” [kiffhoiser monument]. According to the name, it seems to be erected for the Holy Roman Emperor Kaiser Barbarossa (Official name: Frederick I). But actually, this memorial is dedicated to German Kaiser, called William I. The monument consists of two parts, and that’s why it is sometimes called Barbarossa Monument. For underneath of the actual statue of … Continue reading Germany’s Barbarossa Monument – an insider tip