10 Things to do in Milwaukee

(Last Updated On: 20. August 2018)During my visit in Wisconsin I’ve seen a shirt with a slogan which was approximately like follows: “Wisconsin- the state of psychopaths and a good time”. Indeed, I had a good time there, but I asked myself: “What’s the deal with the psychopaths? And lived those guys in Milwaukee too? If you ask about it someone who lives in Milwaukee, you will indeed usually hear a name: Jeffrey Dahmer. But let’s talk not about psychopaths but about some places you should visit and about things to do in Milwaukee. I think, you will find here something for every taste because this city has a lot of things to do and to be visited. So read on, folks. Harley-Davidson MuseumTM If you are a Harley-Davidson fan, this place is of course an obligatory visit for you. Here you will find everything a Harley-Davidson fan can only … Continue reading 10 Things to do in Milwaukee