Mayan ruins of Ek Balam in Mexico

(Last Updated On: 27. October 2019)When people think about the Mayan culture and its splendid sites, they usually think about Chichen Itzá in first place, for this site you will find on every post card from Mexico. But whereas Ek Balam is one of the less well know Mayan sites, it is not less great than Chichen Itzá. When you go there, you will be impressed by its buildings and its Acropolis. The name Ek Balam comes from Mayathan (Yucatan Mayan) and it is assumed that it could be translated as “Black Jaguar”. But depending on the kind of spelling, the word “Ek” can also be interpreted as “star”. Indeed, during the latest excavations there were some star-like looking drawings found at the walls of one of the buildings. Thus,  “Star Jaguar” seems to be the better name of this impressive place. Why Ek Balam? Let’s first answer the question, why you should visit this place besides the other ones you might be interested in. Well, my main reason to recommend this place is the fact that here you can enjoy the place without masses of tourists. While Chichen Itzá is completely overcrowded, at Ek Balam you will find yourself amidst of just few visitors. The other reason to visit Ek Balam is a nearby cenote called X’Canche, which you can visit at the same site where Ek Balam is located. The third reason to visit Ek Balam is the fact that is not far away from the famous Chichen … Continue reading Mayan ruins of Ek Balam in Mexico