Where to stay and to eat in Pszczyna, Poland

(Last Updated On: 1. March 2019) In Poland you will find an excellent hearty cuisine. In general, Polish people like to eat a lot of meat and meat products. One of the most popular export hits is the famous Polish sausage. For that reason, the food in the common hotels oder guest houses will usually be meat-based. Of course, there are also some dishes and food for vegetarians, especially in the cafes and restaurants that are operated by younger people. But my feeling is that it’s rather the exception than the rule. So, if you would like to go to Poland, keep this in mind. In this article I will tell you something about an accommodation in Pszczyna I stayed. Besides that, we will take a look at a restaurant where I had an excellent hearty meal and which I can recommend to you. Where to stay in Pszczyna I’ve … Continue reading Where to stay and to eat in Pszczyna, Poland