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Mayan ruins of Ek Balam in Mexico

ek balam, mexicoWhen people think about the Mayan culture and its splendid sites, they usually think about Chichen Itzá in first place, for this site you will find on every post card from Mexico. But whereas Ek Balam is one of the less well know Mayan sites, it is not less great than Chichen Itzá. When you go there, you will be impressed by its buildings and its Acropolis. The name Ek Balam comes from Mayathan (Yucatan Mayan) and it is assumed that it could be translated as “Black Jaguar”. But depending on the kind of spelling, the word “Ek” can also be interpreted as “star”. Indeed, during the latest excavations there were some star-like looking drawings found at the walls of one of the buildings. Thus,  “Star Jaguar” seems to be the better name of this impressive place. (more…)

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Hiking to Neuschwanstein Castle and avoid the crowds

neuschwanstein castle, hiking to neuschwanstein castleNeuschwanstein Castle is one of Germany’s most visited attractions and it is located in South Bavaria in a bigger village, called Schwangau. You will find this castle on almost every second post card from Germany. This popularity leads to the fact that people from around the world are travelling each day to this place. Thus, this place is during the summer months very crowded and if you would like to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, you need abide by time schedules because of the masses of people.  In this article I will give you an alternative way to visit this place. I’am speaking about hiking. So, read on, folks. (more…)


What is an error fare and how to benefit from it?

An error fare is usually a glitch in the IT-systems (which are partially high automated) of travelling agencies or airlines. But sometimes there are mistakes made by humans too and they occur e.g. either by negligence or in stressful situations. These errors are leading to the fact that the regular price for the flight or the hotel is much cheaper as usual. Some people might think that in a world of computers and automatization mistakes would not happen. But the opposite is the fact and mistakes are inevitable even in a high-tech world. In this article I will show you how to find those error fares (for flights) and what are the risks for you in this special case. (more…)


Where to stay and to eat in Pszczyna, Poland

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In Poland you will find an excellent hearty cuisine. In general, Polish people like to eat a lot of meat and meat products. One of the most popular export hits is the famous Polish sausage. For that reason, the food in the common hotels oder guest houses will usually be meat-based. Of course, there are also some dishes and food for vegetarians, especially in the cafes and restaurants that are operated by younger people. But my feeling is that it’s rather the exception than the rule. So, if you would like to go to Poland, keep this in mind. In this article I will tell you something about an accommodation in Pszczyna I stayed. Besides that, we will take a look at a restaurant where I had an excellent hearty meal and which I can recommend to you. (more…)

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