Things to do in Pszczyna, Poland

(Last Updated On: 17. November 2019)Pszczyna is spelled out [ˈpʂt͡ʂɨna] and for none Polish people it might be a little bit confusing. But besides of the name which needs getting used to, this place is a kind of insider tip, where to stay in Poland. The reason for the fact that Pszczyna is counting to the less known places is that this town is a pretty small place, which exists in the shadow of the popular touristic Polish destinations, like Krakow or Warsaw. Besides that it is located in a rural area, close to the Czech state border and seems to be too far away from the Polish “hot spots”. So why should you visit Pszczyna nevertheless and not the other places? One of the reasons is, that this place is not crowded with tourists and here you will find yourself in a green nature and a peaceful environment. Not for nothing the locals are calling Pszczyna the green lung of Silesia. Silesia? Never heard about it? Then read on, folks and get the bitter sweet longing for the wanderlust. What is Silesia and where is Pszczyna located exactly? I will give you a crash course in geography and history: Silesia is a geographical region located in the south-west of Poland (most parts) and small parts of Germany and Czech Republic as well. In the past, this area was ruled by several dynasties from Germany (Prussia), Poland, Austria, Bohemia and so on. Nowadays Silesia is officially a part of Poland … Continue reading Things to do in Pszczyna, Poland