General information about Mauritius

(Last Updated On: 8. May 2018) To know what do to in Mauritius is useful when you are planning your trip. But it is also important to know some general things about the destination you would like to visit. It is favourable to know some things about the currency, political situation or means of tranpsortation (like driving taxi). But it is also important to know some about the geography, climatic conditions or even just some things about the flora and fauna. Thus, in this article I will give you some general information about Mauritius and try to stay as unbiased as possible. So read on, folks. Why should you visit Mauritius or the legendary reputation of Mauritius demystified There is scarcely any other island with a legendary reputation as Mauritius and for many people Mauritius is the great dreamy paradise. For others, Mauritius is the holiday destination par excellence with numerous regular guests flying there for years. The question is: why do many consider Mauritius as paradise, while there are many other paradisiacal places in the world, for example in the Caribbean or in Asia? Some people could say: In Mauritius we enjoy a wonderful, tropical climate, as you would expect it on vacation. You will find palm trees of various kinds with coconuts and other fruits. The beaches are great, the ocean waves are discharged at the coral reef, so you don’t have any strong waves and no dangerous animals close to the beach. Under the water surface you … Continue reading General information about Mauritius