Things to do in Naples, Italy

(Last Updated On: 6. May 2018) Due to problems with our flight, we spent two days at the airport and had just one day to do some things in Naples. In this article I will show you three places we visited and which were really interesting. So, consider this article as an suggestion. I hope, you will be impressed by those places as we have been. So, read on, folks. Cemetery Fontanelle The cemetery Fontanelle (ital. Cimitero Delle Fontanelle) is not a usual place of burial. Here you will not find normal graves but a lot of skulls and bones piled up above each other. This place was formerly used as a stone quarry. In the year 1656 there was a huge pest epidemy in Naples and a lot of people became victims of this disease. So, this stone quarry was converted into a burial ground for all these poor … Continue reading Things to do in Naples, Italy