Things to do in Naples, Italy

(Last Updated On: 6. May 2018) Due to problems with our flight, we spent two days at the airport and had just one day to do some things in Naples. In this article I will show you three places we visited and which were really interesting. So, consider this article as an suggestion. I hope, you will be impressed by those places as we have been. So, read on, folks. Cemetery Fontanelle The cemetery Fontanelle (ital. Cimitero Delle Fontanelle) is not a usual place of burial. Here you will not find normal graves but a lot of skulls and bones piled up above each other. This place was formerly used as a stone quarry. In the year 1656 there was a huge pest epidemy in Naples and a lot of people became victims of this disease. So, this stone quarry was converted into a burial ground for all these poor souls who could not be interred on a normal graveyard, as they were hopeless overfilled. Since that time, this place is a burial place and serves as place of a last resting place. The Fontanelle Cemetery can be entered be everyone and there is no fee charged. You can also make photos there, but without using flashlights. One more picture of the cemetery Fontanelle and other pics I made in Naples you will find in my Naples-Gallery. How to get to the cemetery Fontanelle: The cemetery is located in the Via Fontanelle north of the catacombs of San Gaudioso and … Continue reading Things to do in Naples, Italy