Shopping in Naples, Italy

(Last Updated On: 23. July 2019) When you visit Naples*, you might be interested in shopping. For Naples is a great source for designer clothes and accessories, as well as for antiquities and handmade stuff. For that reason, I would like to introduce to you some places and give you information, if these places are worth to be visited or not. As I have been only two days in this city due to problems with my flight, I could not visit all of those notable spots where you can do some shopping. Nevertheless, at the end of this article, I will show you, where to inform about further places where you can do some shopping in Naples. So, read on folks. Via Toledo – The classic This is one of the longest shopping streets in Naples. Here you will find a lot of shops, boutiques, caf├ęs and pastry shops. As Via Toledo is quite crowded, I strongly recommend you to watch your bags and wallets. For Naples is not spared from pickpockets, and negligent tourists are an easy catch. Where to start at Via Toledo? You can start your shopping spree at Via Toledo either close to the Piazza Plebiscito (south) or from the Piazza Museo (north). If you start frrm the south, you will also find there the Galleria Umberto just at the beginning of Via Toledo. More information about the Galleria you will find below. From the north, Via Toledo will not start immediately, so you need to … Continue reading Shopping in Naples, Italy