How to get to Naples from the Airport

(Last Updated On: 31. March 2018)When you arrive at Naples, the first action would do, is most likely to drive to your hotel. There are two best possibilities how to get to the city from the airport and in this article I will give you some information about this. First option: Alibus                     The first possibility is to use the so called “Alibus”. This is a shuttle bus operating between the airport and the city of Naples. To be exactly, this bus shuttles between the Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP), the Central Train Station and the Ports “Naples Porta di Massa” and “Molo Beverello” as well. Pick Up/Drop Off Points: Pick up at the airport (NAP) The Alibus arrives and departs from the bus stop which is located on the exit side of the airport, about 100 meters from the arrivals terminal. Pick up at the Central Station The Alibus stop at the Central Station is currently located on Corso Novara, between Piazza Garibaldi and the cross streets Via Firenze (west) / Corso Meridionale (east). This stopping place is used for the Airport and Molo Beverello as well. So please, when you are arrive there, check the signs to make sure, you board the correct bus. Pick up at the port “Porta di Massa” In case you arrive with a ferry, you also can use the Alibus for transfers as well. It stops in the front of the ferry building at Porta di Massa. Tickets for the … Continue reading How to get to Naples from the Airport