Things to do in Havana

(Last Updated On: 15. March 2018)As we drove to Havana from Varadero with our rental car, we saw a lot of people hitchhiking between Varadero and Matanzas. Although the road signage into the direction of Havana was exceptionally good, we decided to take a passenger with us. Fortunately, the first person we asked, coincidentally wanted to go to Havana. It was a young lady of an age about 26 – 28 years. As the Cuban people speak a strong dialect, I had a lot of problems to understand them. Nevertheless, I tried to chat a little bit with the lady because I wanted to know some common things about Havana and especially about things to do in Havana. As I feared, I understood only a couple of sentences. But what I understood, was, as she said, that Havana is a nice place but for her it is nothing special and she goes there only, because she had to visit some relatives. With these thoughts we drove further, and I was curious about what was to come. In this article I would like to tell you about some things to do in Havana. Where to park in Havana? Before I start with the sight seeings, I would like to show you, where to park your car or at least, where we did it. Very close to the capitol of Havana there are some fee-based parking lots. For the whole day we had to pay 10,- CUC. The advantage of this is, … Continue reading Things to do in Havana