Things to do in Matanzas

(Last Updated On: 11. March 2018)If you stay a couple of days in one of the resorts in Varadero, maybe you would like to do more things and visit more places than only in Varadero (described here). In this case you can rent a car and drive to Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba or other well known spots in Cuba. But in case you would like to something in the vicinity of Varadero, I can recommend you to visit the town called Matanzas and the pharmaceutical museum, called “Museo Farmacéutico de Matanzas”. If you ask me, this museum is an absolute highlight and if you like historical things, this will be the right place for you. What is the pharmaceutical museum? The Museo Farmaceutico was originally a normal pharmacy and it belonged to a doctor named Dr. Ernesto Triolet and Juan Fermín de Figueroa. For that reason this museum is … Continue reading Things to do in Matanzas