Beware of scams in Cuba

(Last Updated On: 2. December 2018) Although the crime rate in Cuba is quite low, there are scammers doing their business and besides that, several people trying to sell you some stuff. On the one hand I can understand those people as they are really poor. On the other hand I don’t see why I should be bamboozled. Hence, I will show you the commonest methods of sales pitches and scams in Cuba. The sad thing is that I experienced those on first-hand, so I know what I am talking about. Read on and take this information to avoid to be ripped off in Cuba, folks. Hello, my friend, where are you from? When you hear this sentence, you can be sure that someone wants to sell you either cigars or rum. And these persons will tell you that their stuff is cheaper than elsewhere but has the same good quality. I did not buy anything as I don’t like neither cigars nor rum. So it’s up to you, folks to take this risk and to try it out. If you made some experience with that, please leave a comment for the other readers. The fact remains that you will hear this sentence quite often. After a while this could become very annoying and make you aggressive. Therefore stay calm and ignore these people for it’s no use to get angry. What surprises me, is the ingenuity of those people. At the beach in Varadero some of them were dressed … Continue reading Beware of scams in Cuba