Driving car in Cuba

(Last Updated On: 23. February 2018)  Driving car in Cuba is a good alternative to traveling by bus in a group. Doing this, you would be more flexible and independent. For there is nothing better than an exciting road trip. Before I went to Cuba, I had done some research, like the most of us. And I had to find out, that in those blogs a lot of people were praising it to the skies. I don’t know, how you feel when you read such information, but when I do my research, I often miss the other side of the coin. And believe me, in this case it is very necessary to mention the other side. Hence, in this article I would like to give you some useful information about driving car in Cuba and share my experience with you. Where to rent a car in Cuba There are three rental companies in Cuba which all belong to the state: REX, Cubacar and Havanautos. In other words: there is no competition, and the availability of the vehicles might be limited. Hence, renting a car in Cuba can be problematic and quite annoying. But I also have to say that when I have been in Varadero, I could rent a car directly at the hotel and I didn’t have any problems. Road signs in Cuba Don’t expect a lot of road signage when you drive a car in Cuba. Actually, there are very few of them and in usual cases they … Continue reading Driving car in Cuba