Where to stay in Cuba

(Last Updated On: 20. February 2018)Although the access to accommodations in Cuba has not the same level like in the other countries, of course, you can choose between different options. Those depend on you and your preferences where to go and where to stay in Cuba. You can use hotels, private rooms, called “casa particular” or, if you have the budget, book a suite in a resort. In this article I will give you some information, so you get a first overview to make a decision. Hotels in Havana Havana is usually the first destination in your mind when you are looking for a place to stay in Cuba. Therefore, I will give you some information about the hotels in Havana. Of course, there are hotels in other cities too, but we will concentrate on the capital of this country. Although you will find a couple of hotels in Havana, don’t expect a plenty of variety. Also, you need to be realistic and keep in mind that even the 5-star Hotels in Havana don’t have the same level you know from your country. The reality is, what in Cuba is considered as a 5-Star-Hotel you will probably consider it a 3-Star-Hotel. But nevertheless you would need to pay the price of a 5-Star-Hotel. Hence, expect prices about $400 to $600 per night in these hotels. If you ask me for my opinion, this is a typical rip-off of tourists. Besides that, these hotels are quite outdated and the rooms maybe … Continue reading Where to stay in Cuba