Common facts about Cuba you should know

(Last Updated On: 19. February 2018) Before you travel to Cuba, you might want to inform yourself about common things which might be important for you. E.g., as Cuba is a communist country, you cannot just grab your luggage and fly there. Depending on your country, you need to fit into some regulatory frames. This applies in particular to US-American citizens. Besides that, as a tourist you will usually not be able to pay with the national currency but you need to pay with a special tourist currency.  As you see, to visit Cuba can be a little be challenging than to travel to another country. Therefore I would like to give you in this article some common information about traveling to Cuba. The reality about Cuba First of all you should know, that Cuba is a country you either will like it or you will be disappointed. As Cuba is a communist country, you will not expect a luxury vacation there. It is more a journey into the past. Also, it is a journey into the presence with all the consequences of communism. You will see a lot of very poor people, ruinous and degenerated architecture, damaged roads with huge potholes and horse carts in the rural areas instead of cars. You will probably get sick in Havana from the unfiltered exhaust gases and annoyed by scammers or crooked service providers. On the other side you will find out, that the most Cubans are friendly and that this country … Continue reading Common facts about Cuba you should know