Shopping in Panama City

(Last Updated On: 20. June 2018) Panama City is known for its malls, so you can do an extensive shopping there. But to be clear just from the beginning: for me it wasn’t worth it. Before I explain the reasons, let’s check three malls in Panama City. But first of all you should know that the prices in Panama are usually displayed excluding VAT. When you are from the United States, it is nothing new for you. But if you are, for example from Europe, you need to keep it in mind. Multicentro Mall This mall is located in the bank district opposite of the Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis (Avenida Balboa). The good news is that when you check in at the Hard Rock Hotel, you can go to the mall through a glass overpass from the hotel. Although in the bank district, this mall is not frequented very much … Continue reading Shopping in Panama City