Things to do in Panama City

(Last Updated On: 22. June 2018)  When I travel, I categorize the places where I go into two categories. The first one is a place where I could go back anytime because it was so exciting. The second category is a place which is exciting too, but to see it once, is quite enough. When I was about to go to Panama City, I was excited and looking forward for a lot of places of interest. But it turned out that this spot is actually not a tourist friendly place because there are not really much things to do in Panama City. For that reason Panama City landed on my “see it once is enough” list. Of course, it is just my opinion and someone other would disagree with that. So read on and make your own opinion. Actually there are only two of nameable tourist attractions in Panama City – the Old Panama, called Casco Viejo and the Metropolitan Natural Park. There are also a botanical garden and a museum. But for me it is not worth to be recommended. More about those two later. First I will tell you something about casco viejo and the park. Old Panama – Casco viejo The original location of Panama City is not on the same place you will find the city today. In the year 1671 the original place (called Panamá Viejo) was destroyed by a privateer named Henry Morgan. After this raid, a new Panama City was built up close … Continue reading Things to do in Panama City